Complete Care Hospital for Pets

3288 Hwy 7, Unit 3
Lake Echo, NS B3E 1C6


Health Care Plans are designed to give your pet optimal health care for a year and to detect any potential issues at an early stage. Each plan includes an Annual Physical Examination, Blood Work/Testing and Unlimited Medical Examinations should you need them. You can add any additional services or products during the time of purchase for a 10% discount when you bundle –in. These plans are very popular and have benefitted a great number of pets. Now your purchase will also help Marley’s Hope Dog Rescue to continue the great work that they do.  You can buy these plans over the phone and even though we may not be able to do the Annual Physical Examination right now, as soon as we are able, we’ll schedule you and your pet in and get your Health Care Plan underway.  We are also partnered with Scratchpay so you can set up your Health Care Plan through easy monthly payments.


Lake Echo - Hospital

3288 Highway 7
Lake Echo, NS, B3E 1C6

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Sheet Harbour House Call Day

Our House Call Service has been temporarily suspended to Sheet Harbour

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