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Monthly Promotions

Each month we select a particular aspect of your pet's health to feature. This does not mean that it is not important all year round, just that we would like to give the topic extra emphasis during a particular month.






Let us help you choose the right diet for a healthy lifestyle and an ideal weight.


Dental Health

Let us take a look at those teeth and make sure that the mouth


Senior / Geriatric

Our more distinguished companions need some extra attention this month. Many diseases of ageing can be well managed with a combination of lifestyle changes, good nutrition and screening tests. Let us help you make the senior years happier.


Flea Prevention

Spring has sprung and the fleas and ticks are a jumping! It is not just the itching, but fleas and ticks can spread other parasites and diseases. We are happy to help you choose the right program to keep your best friends "guest-free"!


Wellness Testing

Your best friend is in purr-fect health, right! Right? Are you sure? Many illness have early signs that can only be detected through a good history and the right testing. Get ahead of the issues with wellness testing.


Puppy / Kitten

The warm weather is here and so are the newest members of the family! Let us help you get them off to the best start in life.


Pet Safety

There are a lot of hazards out there, talk to us about protecting your pets and your whole family!


Pet Insurance

Everyone hates unpredictable bills. Come talk to us about Pet Insurance, and get predictable peace of mind!



Remember those teeth from February? Here is a second month to let us take a look at those teeth and make sure that the mouth is happy. Remember many serious diseases and behaviour problems start in the mouth!


Preventative Health Care

Want to avoid the problem in the first place? Come talk to us about prevention!


Senior / Geriatric

Your seniors are really important to you and to us. Here is our second month to highlight their needs. Let's get them ready for the winter ahead.


Wellness Testing / Christmas Hazards

What is a better present than a healthy pet? Let us take a look and make sure your pet is ready for the holidays!


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