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May is Pet Wellness Month!

Spring has sprung and there are a lot more joys that spring brings running around. They are going to need a little help to get the best start possible. There are a lot of potential hazards out there and they are experts at finding them! Some of the hazards include worms, viruses, bacteria, fleas and ticks but also stairs, fences, roads, and poisons to list but a few.

Every newborn relies on their mother for initial protection from various viruses and bacteria. But that immunity is limited and protection is usually lost within the first few months. This is where vaccination is key. There are many low-risk vaccines available to our pets that protect them from very serious illness such as Parvovirus in puppies. It is worthwhile to have your new addition seen by a veterinarian, to discuss which vaccines are recommended and to create a customized vaccination schedule. In addition, your veterinarian will advise on removing and preventing other parasites such as worms, fleas and ticks. Do not forget to bring a fresh poop sample, always a veterinary favourite! The sample is analysed under a microscope after special preparation to look for the microscopic traces of parasite infection.

Moving on from the creepies and the crawlies, it’s a big world out there. Everything is a new adventure, but hazards still lurk around every corner. House/barn proofing is essential. Take a minute to get down to the level of your bundle of joy and see what they see. Look for sharp edges, containers of poisons, holes, suffocation and other hazards. Make sure your little trouble-maker cannot get out from a secure play area. Roads are unforgiving to a pet of any age. A back yard can be great for play, just make sure it is safe.

Take a little time to look at the food your pet is eating. Remember they are growing quickly at this stage in their life and they not only need good food, but more of it each week! And watch out for them helping themselves, it is a sure way to get a little diarrhoea when they have something they are not used to.

A routine consultation with your veterinarian will get your new family member off to a great start. Going beyond the preventive are of vaccines and medicines, it is also a great time to discuss behaviours, diets, dental care, training, spays and castrations, breed specific health issues and much more. Also ask about insurance coverage, it is more affordable than you think and easy to get.

Here is hoping for a great summer for you and your new pet to enjoy together, happily and safely!


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