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Your Dog's Health Care Plan

          Our goal is to ensure your dog is kept at it's optimum health and that we can detect any potential problems at an early stage. This is why each plan contains UNLIMITED Medical Exams as well as the Annual Physical Exam for the duration of your Health Care Plan.  As well, each plan can be specifically designed for you dog or puppy depending on their age, breed and lifestyle. You can bundle-in a great variety of goods and services during your purchase and save even more. Lastly each plan allows you to recieve sp
ecial prices throughout the year.  See below for some of the details we can offer in Your Dog's Health Care Plan

Your PUPPY's Health Care Plan

Unlimited Medical Examinations: These are the most important parts of a health care plan.  Each physical exam allows the doctor to detect many potential health concerns at an early stage. ** this program does not apply to emergency exams at the Metro Animal Emergency Clinic.
12 Month Visit:  This is an important vist where we go over - nutrition; weight management; parasite control; training- daycare; dental care; food and toys; desentization; and any itchiness issues.
3 Nail Trims: A great way to socialize your puppy - to have their nails trimmed.  (Sedation is not included if required.)
2  DA2PP Vaccines: This vaccine is given to puppies twice to protect them from 4 serious viral infections: 1) canine distemper; 2) adenovirus; 3) parainfluenza; and 4) parvovirus.  The effects of these viruses are serious and can be fatal.  Prevention through immunization is the most effective protection for your puppy.
Rabies Vaccine: This protects your puppy from a serious life threating disease affecting the brain and nervous system causing changes to behavior ranging from severe depression to extreme aggression.  It is the bat strain we see in Nova Scotia, so even indoor dogs are at risk.  Protecting your puppy helps to protect your houshold since this disease is transmittable to people.
Fecal Exam: This test is used to identify the presence of intestinal parasites including "worms" and microscopic parasites in your puppy's stool.  These worms are commonly found in the environment and can cause a variety of health problems to your puppy.  They can also be transmitted to people, posing a health risk to your family.
Young Pet Blood Profile: This test is often performed just before your puppy undergoes surgery. A blood profile checks the kidneys and liver function to make sure they can clear anesthetic medications from their system.It provides a basic "internal exam" to make sure things are working well on the inside or if alternative anesthetics are required. It also provides us with a baseline for your puppy at this stage of life.
Flea/Dewormer/Heartworm Preventative: Starting your puppy with its first flea and heartworm prevention plus basic deworming.  With our mild winters fleas persist all year round and they are happy to hitch a ride into the house and start a family.  Intestinal parasites are picked up in the soil where other dogs or wildlife have been.  They can even be picked up from frozen soil.

Your Adult and Senior DOG's Health Care Plans

Common Add-Ons for Your Dog's Health Care Plan


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