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Our Veterinarians

 Hello, I’m Dr Kyra Larkin, the owner and Chief Veterinarian of Complete Care Hospital for Pets. I grew up in Lower Sackville, and was a horse-loving girl who desperately wanted to have one in the backyard. My parents were not as crazy about the idea, but my desire to be close to the animals I loved prompted me to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. I completed a BSc in Agriculture from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in 1990 and graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College in 1994. I started my career in the Annapolis Valley, where I met my husband, Tom. We married during Hurricane Hortense (September 1996) and kept 4 of the 13 dogs that had originally brought us together. Before starting a family, I was an avid horseback rider for many years and was awarded the Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation Senior Athlete of the Month in July 2000 for my efforts in one-day eventing. Putting riding on hold to raise a family, Tom and I were blessed with a son (William) and a daughter (Jessica). I opened Complete Care Hospital for Pets in May of 2009 to practice the very high-quality medicine and care that I truly believe is in the best interest of every single pet that comes through our door. My special interests include rehabilitation and natural energy medicine including acupuncture, chiropractic and magnetic therapy. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you and the fuzzy members of your family.

Hi, I'm Dr Andrew Morrison, an associate veterinarian with Complete Care Hospital for Pets. Growing up in Halifax, I developed an interest in animals from an early age - we had a cat, a dog and many tropical fish. I completed a BSc in Biology at the University of King's College, where I met my wife Jennifer. Then in 2004, I completed a degree in veterinary medicine at University College Dublin, in Ireland. After graduation, I returned to Halifax and started working in small animal general practice. Over time, I expanded into both equine and exotics, becoming what is known as a mixed-practice veterinarian. Rabbits have become a particular interest of mine, and at any given time there are usually a few chewing up our house. Recently I have also become interested in Large Animal Rescue. My other occupation is as an Officer in the Canadian Army Reserve. Not to confuse things, but I am also a member of the Canadian Veterinary Reserve, an agency of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. In addition to our furry kids, Jennifer and I welcomed our son Roderick to the world in 2012 - he is our pride and joy! Since my duties at Complete Care are primarily to provide some of the house call service, and to work with Dr Larkin on the equine service, I look forward to seeing you and your best friends at your place!

Hi, I'm Dr Jennifer Hurford, an associate veterinarian with Complete Care Hospital for Pets. I graduated from the Nova Scotia Agriculture College in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science (Animal Science) and then from the Atlantic Veterinary College with Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 2013. Since graduation, I have taken a special interest in small animal dentistry and dermatology, dedicating much of my time to continuing education in those particular disciplines. I am the proud momma of two cats (Humphrey and Winfred) and two dogs (Dory and Douglas). My dogs and I can be found competing in agility trials throughout the year.

Our Veterinary Nurse

Hello, my name is Amanda Weber. I have over 15 years experience in the veterinary field. After graduating high school, I went straight to the NS Agricultural College for the Animal Science Technician program, and then continued earning a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Animal Science). While attending university, I worked at the Elmsdale Animal Hospital and for Jeff Temple at North East Quarter Horses. After graduation in 2006, I continued working in Elmsdale Animal Hospital and in 2009 went back to school and became a certified Equine Massage Therapist. I share my fantastic life with my warmblood horse Percy, Shih Tzu Lexi, Great Dane Remy, cats Tazz, Bubbles, Squeaker and Big Fuzz. I also have a 90 gallon salt water fish tank full of tropical fish and coral and two 10+ foot long red tail boas. Some of my favourite veterinary topics include nutrition, dentistry and behaviour. In 2015, I took the Low Stress Handling and Restraint course offered by the late Dr Sophie Yin. I am a big believer in counter conditioning and desensitizing animals with different fears and anxieties. One of my hobbies is SCUBA diving and is certified in open water diving up to 60 feet. In 2013 I went to the Georgia Aquarium to dive in their giant tank and became certified to work with the whale sharks. I also enjoy other hobbies including horseback riding and competing, and snowmobiling through the trails all around the Maritimes.

Our Veterinary Technician

Hi, I'm Samantha McNutt, I graduated from the Dalhousie University Veterinary Technician, class of 2017.

Our Veterinary Assistants

Hello, my name is Kayleigh Mills. I graduated from the Veterinary Assistant Program at Compu College in 2009. I was born and raised in Jeddore, Nova Scotia and currently live in Head of Jeddore with my boyfriend Liam and our four-legged babies: two dogs, Hammer and Bella, and our two cats, Kricket and Rascal. When I’m not working, I love to go horseback-riding and spend time with family and friends.

Hello, my name is Denielle d’Entremont. I joined the Complete Care team in January of 2013. I previously worked for six years at a doggie daycare and boarding facility, and also worked with horses at various barns over the years. I currently live with my boyfriend Andrew and our two dogs Moose and Haze, in Cole Harbour. In my spare time, I enjoy taking the boys on adventures in the woods, beach or park.

Hi I'm Corri. Bio soon.

Hi, I'm Angela. Photo soon. My passion is for the well-being of your pets. I graduated from Maritime Business College Veterinary Assistant Program in February 2016. I worked at another clinic until July 2017. My special area of interest in veterinary medicine is nutrition. What I love about my job is being able to help the animals. Fun fact about myself is that I coached a little league softball team for 10 years. My first pet was a cat named Shelby and I currently have five pets.

Hello my name is Raebeka (Rae) Wilson. I grew up in Ontario and worked at a vet clinic there for 5 years out of high school. I then moved to Nova Scotia to work on a dairy farm and get a change of pace. In May 2013, I graduated from Dalhousie Agriculture College with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Animal Science. My special interests include Animal Nutrition and Animal Behaviour. Currently I live in Middle Musquodoboit with my little fur family consisting of two dogs, Shaina and Rogue, and two cats, Diego and Sammy.

Our Receptionists

Hi, I'm Ariel, that's right, named after the Little Mermaid herself. I joined the Complete Care team back in December 2014 just after graduating from the Veterinarian Assistant Program at MBC! I have two doggos, a Dalmatian names Pippy and a Shepherd-Lab cross named Penny or PenPen. They are just as fun and crazy as I am. We spend most of our time on long hikes or days at the beach but when we're inside, you can catch us on the couch in a snuggle puddle. I usually have them with me while here at work so if you're around drop in and say hi! :) 

Hi there! I’'m Katelyn Hetherington, animal lover and coffee connoisseur, and I joined the Complete Care team in November 2016. I grew up in Ontario where my family always had pets and I insisted to get involved with horses at a young age. My family later moved to the country so my mom and I could have our own horses. I graduated college with a Social Service Worker diploma, but quickly realized I just wanted to work with animals! I moved to Nova Scotia in January of 2015 for a change of scenery. I have two fur babies, my horse Valentina who I miss daily as she's still in Ontario, and my cat Tucker who I adopted to live with me here!


Hello, I’m Tom Sladek, co-owner and Manager at Complete Care Hospital for Pets. I was born in the Czech Republic and immigrated to Canada with my family in 1968. I grew up in Southern Ontario and later moved to Thunder Bay to obtain a BSc in Forestry from Lakehead University in 1989. A few years after graduating, I joined the Canadian Forces as a Navigator and spent twenty years flying on various aircraft from Dash-8s to CF-18s. I met Kyra while stationed in Greenwood, and with two dogs and eleven puppies, I got to know my vet really well. Now with two kids of our own (William and Jessica), we call Porters Lake home. I joined the Complete Care team full-time in May of 2012 after finishing my military career as a branch head on the Admiral’s staff, planning national level exercises for the regional Headquarters here in Halifax. I’m still a part-time reservist and work as the Lesson's Learned Officer for 12 Wing Shearwater along with looking after the administration at Complete Care. I love this area and the people and can’t think of a more rewarding way to live.


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